Take Me Back to the Old Days

I was sitting around talking to my friend last night and I was telling her about the conversation I had with my eight-year-old niece a couple nights ago. To make a long story short, my niece asked me what I was doing. I told her I’m watching Rugrats. She then proceeds to say, “You’re just like my momma. You like to watch those old cartoons.” I couldn’t believe it. I think my bottom lip might have hit the floor because my mouth flung open. I told her that’s not an old cartoon. I almost got offended. That reminded me of when I was a kid and I talked about the cartoons that my parents used to watch. It’s like the generation is repeating itself all over again. Makes me wonder if when she has children, if they will say the same thing.

We then left that conversation and begin to talk about everything that happened to us growing up, and how it’s so different from the kids nowadays. I remember getting vicious beatings and yet I’m still fine. Nowadays if you beat a child, they just might call the cops on you. We went on to discuss how our parents got up every morning to do our hair. Nowadays the parents are a lot younger so they never had the time to learn how to do their own hair, let alone do their children hair. As a teenager, I remember learning how to cut my fathers hair. So not only did my mother make me learn how to do my hair, I also knew how to shape men hair.

I’m a female and I knew how to get on top of the house and sweep the leaves off, mow grass, rake the leaves into a pile and pick them up, sweep the driveway, even clean out a trash can. You know those big trashcans outside that the trash men would come get. Nowadays I don’t think children do much of that stuff anymore. Social media has become the source of their life. I remember when Facebook first came out; it was only for college students. You had to have a valid school email address to sign up. I’ve watched how it’s grown from that to becoming worldwide. I remember when cursing around grownups was a big no no. Nowadays, I’ve been sitting in the doctors office and these teenagers sitting right next to an elderly woman was not only watching a video on their phone loud that cursed, but they were also cursing very loudly. I couldn’t believe it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but back when I was growing up, I’m pretty sure we were in school longer and had fewer days off. Actually to be more specific, I went to a year round middle school. I might have had a week off and then right back to school I went. I don’t think that even exist anymore. When public school wasn’t so bad. Parents now are relocating to send there kids to better schools because certain school districts are better then others.

Everyone might not relate to this one, but I remember church twice sometimes three times a week. Midweek service, Sunday morning and Sunday night service. Nowadays people are almost too lazy to go to church. They’ve created all type of reasons why they shouldn’t go.

Sometimes, I wonder if the world has always been this bad and now I’m just old enough to be able to tell the difference, or if the world really is just getting this bad. People have given me their opinions on it but there is still a fine line there.

Now, as an adult, I remember telling my mom when I was a teenager, I can’t wait till I grow up and have my own place. I will give anything to have those days back right now. Not having to pay any bills was the best. There are still a few of us out there who still have those old school teaching principals. Our children need it more now than ever…



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